Bruce Nguyen

Layton, UT 84041 ยท

An amazing software engineer, or I would like to think so, with around 1 year of experience in developing and maintaining IT based software at Weber State University. I've helped improve their software architecture for a ASP.Net Framework application which decreased loading time by almost 90%. I am currently working in a team to create solutions with Python to better ingest/deliver huge amounts of data from e-commerce websites for manufacturers/distributors at Distributor Data Solutions.



Data Engineer

Distributor Data Solutions

As a data engineer, I am resposnible for scraping product data from e-commerce websites and files. I create spiders which crawl through web pages in order to ingest as high as 100,000+ products. The data gets stored in a MySQL database in order for me to inspect its information to ensure its quality. This requires knowledge on automation processes using Bash and Python to make sure the data is ingested in a timely manner.

October 2019 - Present

Software Engineer

Weber State University

In this position, I am responsible for the entirety of the project which includes the database, back end, front end, and project structure. I currently work with C# creating WPF applications as well as ASP.Net web applications. My job is to maintain everything and make decisions based upon research and best coding practices.

December 2018 - October 2019


Weber State University

Bachelor of Science
Computer Science

GPA: 3.47

August 2014 - April 2019


Programming Languages & Tools

Proificient: Python, MySQL, C#, and .Net Framework

Experience: Django, Flutter, Java, and C.

Tools: Slack, Jira, AWS, and Docker.

  • Agile Development